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You asked: How can I find peace while staying at my current job?

The Basis:
Coyote, reversed
Wile E. Coyote sits at the edge of a cliff, trying to put together a complicated contraption out of pieces he removes from a giant box from the ACME Corporation.
Meaning: You've been here before. You'll be here again. But you cannot stop doing what your nature tells you to do.

The Situation:
Frith, reversed
A thriving community of people share a potluck dinner. Children are playing happily nearby, and two friends are hugging.
Meaning: Infighting in community about petty details can make us lose track of how much we have in common.

The Outcome:
The Void
A crowded city scene, with people of several species enjoying themselves in cafes and bookstores. A jagged shape taking about a quarter of the center of the card is erased and blank.
Meaning: Something big has changed in a way which you have not yet noticed.

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Reading from The Crowdsource Tarot.

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The Universal Tarot::Maxwell Miller

Seven of Cups

image::scorpion, dark blue, stamped over 7 pots in a circle (various colours/patterns, identical shape - vase, bulbous head, two 'horns' projecting; uppermost marked with symbol for Venus/female [between pinchers]), held in a light blue bubble/circle. yellow background, with other blue bubbles/circles filling space, non-overlapping.


short::indulgence in dreams. error of judgement. need to differentiate between aspiration and fantasy, between insight and wishful thinking. need for objectivity.

long::pots are shamanistic ritual vessels of indigenous tribes of North West Amazon, to mix narcotic potions -- hallucinatory trance states. suggestion -- danger of being mislead by over-subjectivity / indulgence in dreams. emotions != objective truth, they can lead to vast errors of judgement.

Venus in Scorpio -- emotional quality of Venus strengthening the most self-serving aspects of Scorpio -- deceitful/self-deceiving.

reluctance to face uncomfortable truths. step out of bubble of perception, face facts, be objective.

you've been screwing up for a while, bitch. daydreaming your way out of it isn't going to work. world is not going to invert itself to recognize you as injured party. suck it up and fly right.


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